Eminent Positive II  (Ex-Demonstrator) - was £11,995 - NOW £9995 (Save £2000!)


Another instrument which has been with us for roughly 12 months now, this stunning Positive is finished in Light Oak and offers traditional, non-motorised wooden drawstops and a classic cabinet style housing 5 channels of sound.


- 2 x 61 note manual with tracker touch

- 30 note radiating concave perdalboard and matching bench

- 23 speaking stops with additional 64 stop library for use with alterable stops

- High quality wooden drawstops

- Built in MIDI in/out/through connections

- Internal recording sequencer

- 5 channel internal speaker system (can be used with external audio system if required at extra cost)

- Full Capture system with 8 General pistons

- English, French & Baroque intonations

- Single expression pedal


Please see images of the instrument below - this is the actual organ which is available:


Situated at our Somerset showroom, the instrument is ready to play and we warmly invite you to come and spend a few hours with it. Call us on 0800 689 3915 or email to book an appointment.


Currently at our showroom in Wincanton, we would welcome interested parties to come and audition the organ thoroughly.


Call us on 0800 689 3915 to arrange an appointment.

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