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Eminent organ rebuilding service

You may not have been aware of it, but Eminent UK can rebuild any console to make an Eminent digital organ. This is a service which we have always offered but it is something which is growing in popularity in recent years. 

Eminent build high quality organs using large amounts of solid oak and leading industry components such as Kimber Allen drawstops. Every organ is built to order and never built down to a price. This might make buying one of our organs out of your budget. 

If you are in possession of a digital or pipe organ console, then you might want to consider having it rebuilt. It might be that you have a top-quality solid wood console and want to bring it back to life or perhaps buying a brand new one is just a bit out of budget. It could save you anything up to about 40% when compared to buying a new digital organ.

What is involved in rebuilding an organ?

Initially we will ask you to send us as many photos of the console as possible along with a specification and ideas for the rebuilt organ. We will then come back to you with a price. As with all our organs it will take approximately 8–10 weeks to rebuild the instrument but we will confirm this when you make an enquiry.

With a rebuild we always replace all electronics and completely re-wire the organ. It is usual to replace keyboards and pedalboards if the organ console has been heavily worn. But of course this will depend on your project. Even if we don’t replace the pedalboard for example, we will strip this down, clean, replace all electrical components, re-felt and recalibrate. 

Having a rebuilt organ means you will be able to enjoy everything we have to offer including:

  • Choice of stoplist at no extra cost
  • Choice of independent alternative intonations
  • A built-in library of extra stops 
  • Adjustable wind noise and wind robbing
  • Dynamic swell sound generation
  • Twelve different tuning temperaments
  • 99 track recording sequencer
  • Sophisticated digital reverberation
  • Facilities for pianist-organists (autobass)
  • Full MIDI interface (fully compatible with Hauptwerk)
  • 16 memory capture system
  • Ten-year parts and labour guarantee

And of course, as with all Eminent organs, we offer two voicing sessions. Our unique voicing system is the most advanced because we do not use sampled sound in our organs. We can meticulously change every harmonic of organ sound to allow the organ to sound perfect in your acoustic. 


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