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Eminent UK aim to provide an open and honest experience for every customer. The organs we produce are expertly designed and researched and are continually improved through rigorous analysis and product development procedures. Our organs are reliable so there is no need for annual servicing.


All new organs and rebuilt organs come with a comprehensive 10-year warranty. Should a problem occur, there will be no charges involved in its resolution.


After the 10-year warranty has expired, you can either choose to extend this warranty on an annual basis or pay for the repair on a time and materials basis with no expensive call out charges.


We provide technicians who understand Eminent instruments. Routine maintenance jobs will be fixed on-site quickly. If it is not possible to resolve an issue on site, Eminent UK aim to respond within five working days with a time frame for the resolution.



All Eminent organs and rebuilt organs are voiced on site very soon after installation. This will be done by a professional musician/acoustic engineer. During the visit, we will have a spectral analyser on hand to measure acoustical properties.


With 30 years’ experience, Eminent UK have developed a broad experience of what you might expect to hear on an outstanding British organ. Using Eminent’s unique voicing system, instruments are voiced to perfectly match their acoustic surroundings.


Eminent UK can also provide software and hardware to voice Eminent organs. Whilst the large majority of customers prefer us to do this, we can provide you with the tools to undertake the job yourself. CONTACT US to make an enquiry. 



If you are a newly-appointed Director of Music in a church or you have acquired a second-hand Eminent, you may wish to have your Eminent organ revoiced. Whilst this will have been done at the original installation, you may wish to make adjustments to suit new surroundings or your own taste.


CONTACT US if you wish to have an Eminent organ revoiced.

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