Ian Tracey opens Music Festival

Ian Tracey performs the celebrity organ recital and opening night for the 2018 St Aidan's Music Festival.


Posted 16/06/18

Another recording released

The third piece in a recording series was published today. The Fugue in G Major (A la Gigue) by JS Bach. Visit the listen page or our You Tube page to have a listen to the new recording.


Posted 22/05/18

New major installation in London

Eminent UK are proud to announce a new major installation in central London. St Michael’s church in Camden (also known as the Parish of Old St Pancras) has had a Cantata III with 16 channels installed.


Posted 02/05/2018

New set of recordings reaches audience of 50,000

Within 14 days of releasing the first of the Eminent UK recordings, there were 50,000 interactions across a number of social media platforms and at the Music & Drama Expo at Kensington Olympia.


Posted 26/02/17

New set of recordings reaches 21,500 on social media

Within 5 days of releasing the first of the Eminent UK recordings, there were 21,500 interactions across a number of social media platforms.


Posted 16/02/17

New set of recordings for Eminent UK

In February 2018, organist Simon Lumby recorded an exciting and unique programme of organ music for Eminent UK.


Posted 12/02/17

Two major rebuilds in time for Christmas!

Two major rebuilds for Eminent installations in West Sussex and Hampshire. Both have been installed using Eminent's newly developed amplifier and speaker systems.


Posted 16/12/17

BBC Radio 3 programme

Tom Service investigates the rise of the synthesizer. The programme is a fascinating and accessible insight to synthesis and its use as a musical instrument. 


Posted 12/11/17

Organ Open Day

Eminent UK are holding an Organ Open Day at St Aidan's Church, Leicester on Saturday 3 February 2018.


Posted 05/10/17

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