The name Eminent is one of the giants in the history of digital computing organs. We developed and produced the first electronic organ, the Eminent 60, in 1960, at Bodegraven, Holland and quickly became a household name in the world of home entertainment organs.

Vast numbers of organs were built and sold all over the world and many are still being played today. Some of the most beautiful and original sounds available on entertainment organs, particularly in the string section, were much in demand amongst dedicated and skilled amateur and famous professional organists, many of whom still play these amazing instruments in public.


Famous artists to have used Eminent organs include The Bee Gees, The Carpenters, Pink Floyd, Herbie Hancock, George Harrison, Jean Michel Jarre, Elton John, Nigel Ogden (The Organist Entertains), The Rolling Stones and Stevie Wonder.


Eminent Headquarters in Lelystad, Holland

Eminent today


In 1994, Eminent moved to their present location in Lelystad, Holland, to a new factory with modern manufacturing facilities and offices, research and development space, and a beautiful large auditorium where many organs are on display and can be tested and played in magnificent acoustic surroundings.

St Nicholas, West Sussex.

About Eminent UK


For over 30 years Cathedral Organs have represented Eminent organs in the UK. Since 1990 Cathedral Organs have exclusively installed classical Eminent organs in churches, chapels, schools, concert venues and homes throughout the UK.


Whilst the instruments are built in Holland, their design and specification has always been driven by the requirements of our British customers. We have direct contact with the factory.


The enduring popularity of the organs lies in the powerful way that we voice the instruments. Additive Synthesis allows us to generate organ sound rather than to replicate it. Every time you play a note on one of our instruments, sound is being created from its constituent parts. All of the constituent parts can be voiced so whether you want rock or pop, classical or theatre music, we have a the tools to create what we believe to be the finest digital organs the industry has to offer. 


In 2016 Cathedral Organs rebranded as Eminent UK and continues to make important contributions to the design and development of the Eminent instruments. Each and every Eminent organ is built to order and so every instrument is unique.


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